Friday, March 27, 2009


I haven't blogged lately---shame on me---but am doing so now because I was just forwarded an email from a friend that drove me WILD!

The email included an "Environmental Statement", and an "Introduction Presentation" among other things---I won't say the name of the manufacturer but for those of you who received the same you'll know---meant to promote the sale of a cubicle product for office environments. Anyway, it, as so many things that cross my desk today attempts---badly---to support why this product should be promoted as "green."" Shame. Shame. Shame. It goes on to reference LEED points that "may" KEY WORD "MAY" be applicable to their products when considered for a LEED project. This particular piece is so ill informed that it references points that are in no way applicable if they had taken the time to research Credit Interpretation Rulings within the USGBC. I was just sickened. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, there have always been segments of industry who have presented themselves as something they are not for the sake of increased sales. I guess I'm particularly bothered by companies that present themselves as green only for financial gain. Don't these people have children? A conscience? Any sense of their participation in the global community?

I can only hope that decision makers will check their facts before opting to make a capital purchase based on such poor information.

There. I'm tapped out. Angry still but trusting that people will DO THE RIGHT THING.

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